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Rescue Me K9 Adoption Applications
Nationally Known Dog Rescue in CNY


 Please click on the green text to complete

Things you must do when completing an application:


1) Complete application in it's entirety. This would include your FIRST and LAST Name

2) Call your Vet- If you do not let them know we will be calling they will NOT release important 

and your application will be discarded.

3) Inform your references we will be calling.

4) ALL members of the household MUST be in agreement of a new pet.

* We do not adopt out pets as a surprise or gift for someone else


Please read ALL Information provided with the online application

and print the entire application once completed.

The ONLINE Application is your best choice.  Please complete all questions and read the entire application including the contract document after the application.

If this does not work for  you, you may:

If you have MS WORD, please click on the MS Word Document, fill in all blanks, save to your computer and email to krntrn369@yahoo.com





ilding krntrn369@yahoo.com