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Foster Application

If you are interested in becoming a Foster for RMK9, please submit a request for the form to krntrn369@yahoo.com.   We appreciate your interest and understanding.



Before submitting this form, please read and agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Your status as a foster care provider is strictly voluntary.  Placing a dog in foster care prior to their  forever home allows the foster parent to observer and note certain behaviors that were not apparent at the time the dog was surrendered to our rescue.  It is estimated that a dog may stay in your home from 5 days to 4 weeks.  Upon signing this foster application, you agree to provide care and love for any dog placed in your home to the best of your ability, as well the following terms contained herein.

2. Most of our dogs are not perfect and have been surrendered to us for a reason(s).  You will be made aware of those reasons prior to taking the dog into your home.  Each dog may need training in one or more of the following areas:  obedience training, housebreaking, walking on a leash, separation anxiety, as well as socialization and/or  medical rehabilitation.  Should you need assistance one of our staff members will assist you. 

3.  The dog will be temperament tested prior to being placed in your home; however there may be exceptions to this rule.  Please indicated on the Foster Care Provider Worksheet attached if you are willing to take a dog in an emergency situation.

4. The dog must live in your home as part of the family.  It is not acceptable to tie the dog in the yard for extended periods of time, but only for the safety of the dog(s)

5.  Most dogs surrendered have a given name.  It is imperative that you do not change the dogs name.  If the dogs name is Fido- it must remain Fido.  We have found on several occasions when a foster parent has changed the dog's name it has caused a major mix-up in paperwork.  Also, in many cases when the dog is placed in its forever home the new owner may change the name.  This is and can be very confusing for the dog and our record keeping.  We very much appreciate your help in caring for the dog, and encourage your input, but the final decision on the placement of the dogs is the responsibility of the Board of Directors.  The dog will be placed in the most compatible home and not on the basis of the first application received.

6.  Rescue Me will provide the foster home with the essentials to care for the dog(s)- food, dishes, leash, collar, flea treatment, and crate if requested.  All other items must be approved before purchasing for the cost will these be refunded.  If you choose to donate food or certain items this can be considered a tax deductible donation - if you keep the receipts.  The intake sheet will also list the items loaned to you to care for the dog(s).  Such items must be returned to the rescue once the dog is adopted, unless indicated for the use for the next foster dog.

7.  Approved veterinarian care is provided by the rescue.  Before seeking veterinarian care you MUST contact the Foster Care Coordinator or the Director.  In the case of an emergency and a staff person cannot be contacted you may contact Dr. Wayne Wratten of Oriskany Falls at (315)-893-7721, or 893-7720.  Dr. Wratten works very well with the rescue and without his services we could not continue with our rescue efforts.   

 8. If you plan on a vacation or weekend getaway, your foster dog can be placed in another foster home or kenneled while you are away.  A two week advance notice is requested to find the dog alternative placement while you are away.  The dog should NOT be left in the care of anyone who has not been approved as a foster care provider.

9. The dog must be kept on a leash at all times when outside the home.  If they are outside in a fenced in area, they must be supervised until it is known whether the dog will dig under or go over the fence.

10.  You are fully responsible for the actions and behavior of the dog while in your home.  Rescue Me will not be held responsible for any damages to your personal property such as chewing, digging, housebreaking issues etc.

11. We do not accept aggressive dogs into the program.  If the dog, while in your home exhibits any dominant behavior, you must notify us immediately and we will remove the dog from your home.  At the time a dog is placed in your home for foster care, you will be required to sign an intake sheet listing all the pertinent information regarding the dog as well as items provided while in your care. 

12.  A transportation allotment of $.25 a mile is reimbursed to you when transporting a dog.  If requested or you can keep track of your mileage and use it as a tax deduction.  A mileage sheet will be included in the foster care packet

13.  All adoptions will be handled by the Adoption Coordinator, Foster Care Coordinator, Assistant Foster Care Coordinator or Director unless otherwise agreed upon.  If you are willing to let prospective adopters visit the dog in your home - please indicated this on the Foster Care Provider Worksheet.  At no time should anyone other than a Rescue Me staff person be allowed to take the dog from foster care without prior approval.

14.  To make sure the dog(s) are compatible with your living situation, you must complete the application here.   The Foster Care Coordinator will call you within 24 hours of placement in your home to make sure the dog is adjusting well to the new environment.  She will contact you on a regular basis to check on the dog.  

15.  Most times you will be notified at least 24 hours in advance of a prospective adoption.

16.  Once you have been approved for foster care, you will receive a foster care packet containing the rules, regulations, reporting forms, along with tips on housebreaking, crate training, feeding etc. 


I have read and agree to the terms and conditions contained herein, and understand fully that we are volunteers for Rescue Me - Purebred K9 Rescue Foster Care Program.  In addition, I understand that should I be found negligent in any way with regards to the care and treatment of the foster dog in my care, the dog will be immediately be removed from our home by a staff person.  I will not hold Rescue Me- Purebred K9 Rescue, Inc., staff or its constituents responsible for any liability or destruction of personal property incurred while in the performing as a foster care provider volunteer. 


You will be asked to sign a contract with these conditions upon approval as a foster care provider.

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