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Adoption Requirements


Things YOU must do after you adopt.


All dogs, spayed/neutered prior to adoption, must be licensed in your town/city within 10 business days of adoption date or upon receipt of spay/neuter from Rescue Me-Purebred K9 Rescue, Inc.

“The Adopter agrees to adhere to all local licensing requirements for the dog.  The Adopter will be given proof of spaying/neutering and rabies vaccination in order to obtain the licensing.  The license must be obtained and a copy presented to Rescue Me.” 


This is a state mandate for all rescue/shelter dogs; we need to provide proof to the State when requested.

Proof of License must be sent to:

Rescue Me

P.O. Box758

Oneida, NY 13421


1.   PUPPY ADOPTERS:  In the case of adopting an unsprayed/unneutered puppy, the Adopter agrees to have said puppy spayed/neutered by six months of age and provides Rescue Me with such documentation from their veterinarian on business letterhead that the procedure has been completed.  Further, licensing of the puppy must be obtained according to local licensing requirements (usually six months of age). You will need to produce your certificate of spay/neuter and proof of rabies at time of licensing.  Proof of licensing should be sent to Rescue Me.


All puppies are adopted on a spay/neutered contract, which must be fulfilled by the age of 6 months.

  • Males can be done as early as 4-5 months (depending on your vet).
  • Females can be done as early as 5 months.
  • Licensing of puppies must be done within 10 business days AFTER spay/neuter.
  • Send Proof of Spay/Neuter and Licensing to:
  • Rescue Me - PO Box 758, Oneida, NY 13421
  • Upon receipt, we will send your refund or you can donate it back to the rescue for future dogs in need.  Please let us know either way, as we need copies for State requirements.


2.   We HIGHLY encourage obedience training for you and your dog/puppy.  It will not only give you a better behaved pet, but it will be a great bonding experience for you, your dog and your family. Ask for recommendations in our area.  Please let us know if you are attending obedience training, as we like to keep a record.  BE PROUD FOR ADOPTING INSTEAD OF BUYING!!


All Adoption Fees/Donations go directly to our rescue group for the care of the dogs within the rescue - veterinary expenses incurred, office supplies, training, flea treatment, boarding and other needed supplies.  We are always in need of blankets, towels, puppy food/treats, collars, leashes, crates, flea meds, etc. Anything that we don’t have to purchase is truly appreciated!  It allows us to help more dogs in need.  We are 501(c)3 Non-profit and all donations are tax deductable.


Please Note:  “If for any reason the Adopter is unable to provide care for the dog, the Adopter agrees to return said dog to Rescue Me.  The Adopter shall not offer the dog for sale, euthanize, or give the dog to any third party without prior written consent of Rescue Me.”

                                        If you need to contact us please email krntrn369@yahoo.com